delphine pariente
is now becoming nouvel amour

With my incredible team, we have been working for months to launch Nouvel Amour, a brand we want both affordable and luxurious, sensitive and sincere, focused on a great quality and an outstanding service. We will keep manufacturing all the jewels on demand in our Parisian atelier using our own machines, cutters, and primers.Thanks to you all I pursue the dream of crafting handmade goods, looking at the sky searching for sheep-shaped clouds, drawing on notebooks and tablecloth corners, and hearing every day a little song between you and me.


I make with each of your messages
an infinite necklace.


My brand is my medium of expression, the place for poetic disclosure.

My story is about a blooming cherry tree, my life’s most beautiful encounter and the infinite bridge to the sky. Each jewel contains a piece of my personal story.


When I was a little girl, my first precious jewels were
made of small rocks. Today, I am still this little girl looking
for inspiration in the white and cold winters, the crackling sound
of the fireplace, the endless roads to the South of France.
I founded my jewelry brand in to bring all my poetic
inspiration into life.

I hope you to find
a rainbow beautiful !