• 10 mm diameter circle
  • available in 3 micron rose or yellow gold plated or 925 silver
  • adjustable chain from 15 to 17 cm
  • guaranteed nickel free

More details

  • We recommend that you remove your jewelry before washing hands, putting on perfume, and lotion.
  • Exposure to certain harsh chemicals will result in compromising the plating of your jewelry.
  • We recommend that you remove your jewelry before going to the beach, the swimming pool, and before doing any physical activity. This will prevent scratches and blows.

Modern figures, chain bracelets are classic, elegant and dress up women's jewellery sets. Delphine Pariente, founder and designer of the nouvel amour brand, knows this and has created this sober and delicate model for this collection. This model is composed of a 10 mm diameter circle on an adjustable chain of 15 to 17 cm. The OUI bracelets are available in 3 micron yellow and pink gold plated or sterling silver. Like all our models, they are guaranteed nickel-free.

The OUI bracelet can be worn with other of our bracelets if you wish. This model can be combined with our WAKE UP, FREEDOM and ATTRAIT bracelets. You can also wear your bracelet on its own, for a discreet and refined look.

For Valentine's Day, an anniversary, or simply to say I love you, this timeless piece of jewellery can be the emblem of the love you express. When you offer your OUI bracelet, it will be presented in a nouvel amour gift box.

Your beautiful nouvel amour packaging will allow you to store your women's jewellery bracelet when you take it off for the shower, the beach or the pool.

Do not hesitate to tell us when you order if you want us to add a sweet word with your gift because we also pay attention to these small gestures that count so much.

For the designer Delphine Pariente, the brand nouvel amour is an opportunity to tell a personal story full of poetry and sweetness. Through her jewellery, she has been weaving an unbreakable bond with you day after day.

€50.00 €10.00

Bracelet composed of a 10 mm diameter circle on an adjustable chain from 15 to 17 cm

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We exchange or refund your purchases made on newamour.fr within a maximum of 14 days.

Our conditions apply for any jewel not worn and returned in its original packaging. Personalized jewelry and earrings are not returned or exchanged.

For any questions, our customer service is available from Monday to Friday at, from 10am to 6pm, or by e-mail to bonjour@nouvelamour.fr

Our customer service is at your disposal from Monday to Friday, from 10am to 6am, to or by e-mail to bonjour@nouvelamour.fr

Your customization

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Workshop and know-how


In our workshop there are pearls and other components, clamps and engraving machines, rods and rings, precious stones and multicoloured threads. This is where I design, imagine, make and break this new jewel that will soon hang around your neck. This is where my colleagues, fully trained in the jewellery trades me and my workshop manager, realise every day the assembly and the engraving of every piece of jewel.

Service and quality


I pay a particular attention to the quality of the jewels I create for you. The silver jewels are made of silver 925/1000 and the 3 micron gold-plating on brass base is exclusively made in Paris. The engraving is performed in our workshop, without subcontracting, which guarantees a flawless quality. Our client service can help you with any question from Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm on this number: +33 (0) 601 448 523 or by email to bonjour@nouvelamour.fr
Delphine Pariente