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Thanks to our jewel bar, you can create your ideal jewel.

Many of you mentioned that they already have a nouvel amour necklace (or a family necklace you care about) to which they would like to add a medal, well we are glad to inform you that it is now possible. You can actually choose the length of the channel and the medal you prefer, and have it customised or not. You can add your own pendants to it, little objects that are precious or not, a wedding ring, or charms that you keep in a drawer and just like me when I started, create a unique and precious jewel.

We are delighted to engrave the message of your choice on a medal, such as a love note, an initial or a number, and we love so much this poetic confidence that you have entrusted to us... I personnally love the story you are about to tell.

Delphine Pariente

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