Jewels for life

In my opinion, a jewel’s value is its symbolic force. Whether precious or not, unique or copied a thousand times, what matters it the story it tells.

It can remind us of the moment we found it, of a sunny day in summer, of the spring scents or the morning after an unforgettable night.

It can remind us of a walk with our special person, the memory of a life-changing encounter, the beginning of a new life, it can be a gift that goes straight to the heart, that makes people blush or cry. A jewel can be our memory, one day we will say “I remember this jewel, I used to wear it while waiting for you” or “I remember this jewel quite well, we were living together”.

I wanted to create jewels for all these occasions, available in small series, gold-plated or silver, and I called them “jewels for life”.

Delphine Pariente

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