Jewels to customize

For over ten years, the brand nouvel amour specializes in jewellery customisation. Today we offer customized jewels for men, women, lovers, to say thank you or wish luck, to say that you have not forgotten.

You can choose from our emblematic messages already engraved, engrave the message of your choice on the front for additional €15, or on the front and back for additional €25.

We know very well that this piece of jewellery that you are ordering tells a personal story and that it is the support of an important moment of your life, such as a marriage proposal, a memory or a promise.

By capturing a date, a sweet word, a person’s initial or a number on a jewel, you place your trust in our company, and we are infinitely sensitive to that. Thanks to my team’s know-how in our workshop, we process each engraving order within 48 hours, by orienting our action towards flawless service and quality.

We consider each piece of engraved jewel as a unique jewel, it is the ideal gift to treat a loved person or to keep for yourself, as a lucky charm that follows you every day.

Because of the symbolic force of this jewel, I wished that each customised jewel is guaranteed for life since beyond its value, it is above all an intimate jewel and therefore, a precious jewel.

Delphine Pariente

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